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About Trinity

     Trinity Lutheran, is a warm, friendly congregation filled with people who are dedicated to our God and our community. We have members from all over Darke, Preble, and Montgomery counties and several members who no longer live in this great state of Ohio, yet they still call Trinity their home.

     Trinity has a rich heritage which dates back to January 8th, 1866, when our "Little Church in the Woods" was originally founded. From the first Sundays when services were held in all German to today's service according to the Ohio Southern Synod guidelines, God and family have been the focal point of Trinity's ministry. Our goal is to continue to grow in number and in our own faith as well as to spread the Gospel of our Lord and Savior throughout our community and the whole world.

     We have many missions to which we are committed. Local food banks such as the Castine Food Bank and FISH are supplied by Trinity's Youth Ministry's project. We support the Wernle Home/Youth and Family Treatment Center in Richmond, Indiana, with Christmas gift giving each year. Personal hygiene items, clothing and outdoor recreational items for the residents are also purchased by our members. Lutheran World Relief is another major concern with our Prayers and Squares Quilt Ministry. For the last several years we have contributed approximately 25 handmade quilts to LWR. In 2010 LWR sent 329,610 quilts to disaster, underprivileged, or needy people in 19 different countries around the world. "Health Kits" and "School Kits" are also assembled at different times during the year to be distributed for like causes. To date we have assembled nearly 90 health kits and have many more to put together thanks to the generous donations from our members and the countless hours our dedicated volunteers give in assembling them.

     To love others as Christ loved us is forever, first and foremost in the heart of Trinity's ministry. Whether it is in outreach to a neighbor within our own community, or a victim of a natural disaster far across this planet, our goal is to serve. We invite everyone to come and share in the warmth and fulfillment each of us receives every Sunday at Trinity. Sunday school for all ages and Catechism Instruction are at 9:15 AM with worship service following at 10:30 AM. We look forward to getting to know you and may God bless you!

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